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Enjoy Free Trade, Free News, Free Press and Free Speech on Free Trade Marketplace! Buy, Sell, Rent, Swap, Barter, Trade & Advertise Everything for FREE. Free News, Free Press & Free Speech for Free Voters!

Trade and barter locally or globally using points or time, cash, credit, PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc.  What would you like to advertise for free?

New Member Bonus: The first time you post a product, property, or service for sale, rent, swap or trade, you will receive 1000 points (representing $1000 trade value) to thank you for using our free marketplace.

Our Member Messaging Platform puts you directly in touch with makers and sellers, movers and shakers, business owners and entrepreneurs, property owners and managers, providers of all sorts of products and services, etc.  You can ask questions, make offers and negotiate, make purchases and send payments, arrange deals and partnerships...

Members may barter with each other directly (for example, swap apples for oranges) or trade using points or time, cash, credit and debit cards, etc.   

Barter Time:  Skills and services can be bartered using Time as the currency.  For example, you may barter hours of your work and skills for hours of fellow members' skills and services.

Trade & Barter with Points:  For the sake of consistency, each point represents one U.S. dollar of trade value.  Points never expire.  Points = Dollars. 

Free Trade Marketplace charges no fee or commission.  The only time you pay us anything is if you would like to purchase points to increase your trade account balance. 

When you purchase points, we double your money by giving you double points.  For example, the cost to purchase 2000 points is $1000.  In other words, you save 50% when using purchased points to buy and rent products, properties, services, accommodations, etc.

Our Promise:  We donate 100% of all income from purchased points to charities and organizations which help save and protect our precious planet.  Purchasing points is a win/win for members and Mother Nature!

To purchase an item or book a vacation property using points, simply click "Shop with Points" and then click "Pay with Points" on any item profile.  The points will automatically be transferred from your account to the seller's account. 

To browse vacation properties worldwide, please click "Accommodations" in the list of categories.  To search for accommodations in a specific area, city, state, region, island, province or territory, simply enter the desired location or destination in the search bar at the top of the page.

Airbnbs and VRBOs: Rent and Trade Airbnbs and VRBOs and vacation rentals worldwide for FREE on Free Trade Marketplace.  Pay no listing fee, no booking fee or commission! and and are subdomains of (aka

Members of Free Trade Marketplace may also rent and trade luxury VRBOs, Airbnbs, and vacation rentals on Trade to Travel without paying any booking fee or commission. Trading and renting luxury vacation properties has been our specialty for over 3 decades, we have wonderful vacation rentals and trades waiting for you in over 100 countries. 

When posting a new profile for sale, rent, or trade, in the written description please include all important keywords (including the area, city, state, region, island, province or territory if applicable) so members searching locally or globally will find your item in all appropriate search results.  

Social Media Hub: You may include links to social media in your profile on our site and when posting an item in our marketplace you may also include social media links for you, your company, and/or the item, etc.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):  When posting an item, you may include links to your website and/or any website or online listing and social media for you and/or the item in order to provide additional information and exposure, plus linking to your site(s) and social media is good for your search engine optimization which will help people find you and your item online in natural search results on all search engines.

Referral Rewards:  Tell family and friends about Free Trade Marketplace to receive 100 points the first time each of your referrals posts an item for sale or swap.

We're a vetted Trade Club.  Members agree to deal honestly and do nothing illegal using our website or our name.  If a member does anything dishonest or illegal using our ecommerce platform, their membership will be terminated and their points will all be forfeited.  This helps assure members that you are safe when using our ecommerce platform.

The Resistance & Revolution are Televised on News Marketplace We are building progressive liberal Free News and Free Press and Free Speech and Free Voters news and "FreeMedia" and "TrueMedia" social media platforms featuring progressive Liberal, Independent, and Democratic candidates, politicians, and leaders around the globe, plus many of the most reputable, entertaining, and inspiring news sources, shows, and stories. 

There will never be paid advertising on any of our websites, we will never "go public" or have stockholders to please, we cannot be bought or corrupted by big advertisers' money, we will never sell data, and members will never waste time or energy swiping through paid advertising or propaganda.  

TikTok will be included in our "News Marketplace" and WE ARE FURIOUS that the US government is owned and operated by billionaires and colonizing patriarchal politicians on the Left and Right trying to ban or forcefully acquire TikTok for their own evil, endlessly greedy and destructive, power-ravenous reasons. They can't compete with it and they HATE that it gives people of all ages instant access to news and information that rich men want to manipulate and suppress. They hate that TikTok educates and brings people together worldwide on a platform they can't control, or profit from, or use to divide and keep everyone fighting like angry puppets instead of collaborating with fellow humans locally, nationally and internationally to oust corrupt politicians and create a healthy thriving planet for healthy thriving people and a far better world for the 99.9%.  

No lies or disinformation or propaganda, no racism or white supremacy, no misogyny or anti-feminist or anti-LGBTQIA+ content or comments, no Right Wing or pro-Trump or DeSantis or GOP or FOX or QAnon, no hate speech, and no fascist or nazi content allowed on our websites. 

We celebrate and stand for inclusion, integrity, diversity, democracy, truth, justice, money out of politics, separation of business and state, separation of church and state, separation of state and economy, autonomy, equality, education, peace, love and freedom. 

Free Trade Marketplace (aka and is the everything marketplace for the planet, a daughter company of Trade to Travel and Luxury Home Exchange which have been arranging exchanges worldwide for 32 years for owners of luxury vacation properties and vacation rentals for celebrities including Tommy Lee Jones and Robert Downey Jr.  12 years ago, Virgin Airlines Voyeur magazine said, "Trade to Travel (TTT) is a trend that will change the way people travel, it is an up-market 'you wish' kind of experience. Swaps with TTT are on everyone's wish list."  Now we not only want to change the way people travel, we also want to change the way people trade by making it possible for everyone everywhere to buy, sell, rent, swap, barter and trade everything for free.

Free Trade has been the dream of millions for thousands of years.  It has long been said that free trade amongst countries would end wars. It makes goods and services cheaper and improves incomes, benefiting all involved.

The fourth century Greek professor Libanius wrote, “God did not bestow all products upon all parts of the earth, but distributed His gifts over different regions, to the end that men might cultivate a social relationship because one would have need of the help of another. And so He called commerce into being, that all men might be able to have common enjoyment of the fruits of the earth, no matter where produced.”

As the 19th century Frenchman Frederic Bastiat said, "When goods cannot cross borders, armies will."

Let's help make free trade a reality among people, companies, and nations!

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