Free Trade Marketplace

Enjoy Free Trade in our Global Free Marketplace!

Free Trade Marketplace is the everything marketplace for the planet.

Buy, Sell, Rent, Swap, Barter, Trade & Advertise Everything for FREE.

Trade & Barter locally or globally using points or time, cash, credit, PayPal, Venmo, Google Pay, Apple Pay, etc. What would you like to advertise for free?

New Member Bonus: The first time you post a product, property, or service for sale, rent, or trade, you will receive 1000 points (representing $1000 trade value) to thank you for using our free marketplace!

Our Member Messaging Platform puts you directly in touch with makers and sellers, movers and shakers, business owners and entrepreneurs, property owners and managers, providers of all sorts of products and services, etc. You can ask questions, make offers and negotiate, make purchases and send payments, arrange deals and partnerships...

Enjoy Free Trade & Save the Planet.
Enjoy Free Trade & Save the Planet.

Members may barter with each other directly (for example, swap apples for oranges) or trade using points, cash, credit and debit cards, etc. Skills and services can be bartered using Time as the currency. For example, you may barter hours of your work and skills for hours of fellow members' skills and services.

Trade & Barter with Points: For the sake of consistency, each point represents one U.S. dollar of trade value. Points = Dollars.

We charge no fee or commission. The only time you pay us anything is if you would like to purchase points to increase your trade account balance. When you purchase points, we double your money by giving you double points. For example, the cost to purchase 2000 points is $1000. In other words, you save 50% when using purchased points to buy goods and services.

Our Promise: We donate 100% of all income from purchased points to charities and organizations which help save and protect our precious planet. Purchasing points is a win/win for members and Mother Nature!

Enjoy Free Trade & Save the Planet.
Free Trade, for the people, for the planet.

We're a vetted Trade Club. Members agree to deal honestly and do nothing illegal using our website or our name. If a member does anything dishonest or illegal using our site, their membership will be terminated and their points will all be forfeited. This helps assure members that you are safe when using our e-commerce platform.

Free Trade Marketplace (aka and is the everything marketplace for the planet, a daughter company of "Trade to Travel" and "Luxury Home Exchange" which have been arranging exchanges worldwide for 32 years for owners of luxury vacation properties and vacation rentals for celebrities including Tommy Lee Jones and Robert Downey Jr. Now we're happy to make it possible for everyone everywhere to buy, sell, rent, swap, barter and trade everything for free.

Free Trade has been the dream of millions for thousands of years. Let's help make it a reality among people, companies, and nations!