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Kamalame Cay, Bahamas

$8900 - $13600

The island's premium One Bedroom Villa Suite features a spacious bedroom and living room with a covered, sweeping veranda overlooking the sea. With 17-foot ceilings and sweeping ocean views, this 1,200-square-foot, peak roof, limestone base with wood frame villa is airy and sun-splashed. Furnished in an array of island decor with South Asian accents, removable muslin window panels, stereo system, board games and a selection of interesting books. With an alcove, sweeping veranda, a large bedroom that can be fitted with either king of twin beds, the One Bedroom Villa Suite works as well for couples and honeymooners as it does for small families with young children. Spacious en suite baths are equipped with sea view soaking tubs, small kitchenettes which are stocked with a selection of premium spirits, international wines, snacks, tea, French Press and additional items on request tailored to guest preferences prior to arrival. Guests of Kamalame Cay can expect to incur the following mandatory fees: 32% taxes & gratuity, Guest of House meal plan $225 per adult, per night, and the cost of transportation to the island by charter boat, sea plane or helicopter.

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