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Koh Samui, Thailand

$5250 - $14000

Step into the stunning paradise that is Villa Ama Lur. This palatial villa is located in an exclusive location southwest of Koh Samui in Tong Krut. It offers the most discerning of guests a magical time, with direct access to the beach, and the assurance of complete privacy. This stunning villa has a team of excellent villa staff, including an in-house villa chef. The spacious grounds of the villa make it very suitable for hosting events such as weddings or other special occasions. There are 5 bedrooms in Villa Ama Lur and guests may choose to book all 5 bedrooms or a smaller configuration of 3 bedrooms for smaller parties of guests. Each bedroom is spacious and well furnished. The cosy bedrooms are decked out in a soothing neutral palette of colours, and are decorated with thoughtfully selected pieces of art. There is a huge living and dining area designed in an open plan. The main lounge area features comfortable sofas arranged around the coffee table in front of a large TV. There are also other lounge areas where guests can unwind. The dining area has a large wooden dining table that seats 10. Outdoors, there is a beautiful pool surrounded by a pool terrace with plenty of sunbeds and umbrellas. Guests can also take time to explore the villa grounds, with lovely gardens and stunning water features.

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