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St. Croix, Anally Manor, USVI


Annaly Manor encompasses 11 private acres and is surrounded by hundreds of acres of unspoiled rainforest. Annaly Manor is such a unique property. I know you will love it. St. Croix is a beautiful island with so much to see and do or not do as you see fit. One thing is certain, Annaly Manor is a great home base. Located on the West end of the island in the middle of the national rain forest park, this is where the calm waters and pristine beaches of the island are located. The easy gentle waves of the West end are perfect for getting cooled off or snorkeling without getting beat up by the surf. The rainforest is lush and green, a tropical paradise.

The furniture is all brand new and very comfortable. The kitchen is amazing. It has a huge private pool and patio area. Gated entrance to the estate and the grounds are stunning. There are more pictures and information on the Annaly Facebook page.

Please check it out. Photo-stream:

The prep & cleaning fee includes preparation for your arrival and cleaning after you depart. Cleaning services during your stay are available as well - for a small fee and include; wipe the kitchen and do the dishes, wipe the bathrooms, spot clean the floors, empty the trash, make the beds, change the towels. Added charge of $195 per visit Guest Laundry service available: $15 per load (approx. $2.50 per pound) including delivery. Any other requests for services - Just ask. :)

A little more info.... The St. Croix airport is STX. Its only about 10 minutes to the house. 25 minutes if you take the scenic route through the old town of Frederiksted and along the beach. (This is the way I always bring first time guests, stopping by Rainbow Beach for a cold drink and a little something to eat is a great way to start your vacation). The island is pretty big and the things you will want to see are spread out. You'll want to rent a car from the airport. Its really easy to get around and you don't want to be looking or paying for cabs all the time. Parking is free and plentiful all over the island. Only thing to keep in mind is that they drive on the left side of the road. Just takes a few minutes to get used to it. We look forward to having you at Annaly Manor

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